Nha Trang, Vietnam



Lantern’s Vietnamese Restaurant, owner Robert Costabile, escorted us to a remote orphanage (Chua Phat Bou Orphanage) headed by a Buddhist Monk.

Robert, through his restaurant, has been working with 12 local schools/orphanages to provide support, scholarship programs. and food supplies since 2006 in the Khahn Hoa providence.

The monk was so relaxed and calm even though he had dozens of children climbing all over him. He gave us a tour of the orphanage and explained that some of the children arrived only a few days old to some coming at age 12. The children were so adorable that we wanted to adopt about 6 of them.

Robert and his team donated bags of rice and toys to the children and along with some of our balloon animals every child had a smile. We provided exams, fluoride varnish, oral hygiene instruction, and Dental Oral Hygiene Kits. We finished the day by celebrating a traditional Buddhist dinner with the children.

  • Treated ~40 children
  • Oral Exams Provided
  • Flouride Treatment
  • Dental Varnish
  • Oral Education
  • Health Instructions
  • Toothbrushes Provided
  • Toothpaste Provided
  • & Floss Provided